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BizMachi offers business matching opportunities to both Japanese and foreign companies

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Biz Machi helps you arrange meetings with potential buyers in Japan and elsewhere to grow your business in your target market.

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We are going a develop a system whereby buyers could post their own leads to gather info about potential sellers from Japanese and foreign companies.


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Are you looking for new buyers from Japan and elsewhere, we plan to offer you a seller portal whereby you could offer your products and services to potential buyers from all over the world.

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Reach out to the customers globally to expand your business in Japan and other countries by advertising with us. We have genuine visitors from various countries who are looking for business partners in your market.


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To help you grow your business in your target markets, we offer you access to a comprehensive business directory where you could put all your business related information to attract potential business partners.

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KANAGAWA “It’s unavoidable that the identity of a person who wears glasses is closely connected to their glasses.

It is still uncertain when the United Kingdom will leave the EU.

Understanding Japanese customers has been tricky over the years.

Japanese Used Clothing Stores To Expand Into South East Asia, China. Many Japanese used clothing/accessories companies are planning to expand into the South-East Asian markets such as the Philipinnes, Malaysia and China.

Japanese Companies are keen to invest in infrastructure development projects in the Mekong Region. The region includes countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Although, China and India are attractive markets due to their sheer size and the vibrant cultures associated with them, the Japanese market still offers amazing opportunities to the aspirant entrants from other countries.

Japanese entrepreneurs going global. This must be a thrilling news for all of you as it demonstrates that many Japanese companies are aggressively pursuing business opportunities in Japan and other countries.

How to Enter Into the Japanese Market? That is the question many potential entrants to the Japanese market ask us every time we visit one of the several convention centers in Japan while trade shows are being held.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to know that Burundi, once a war-torn country in Africa, was also one of the best coffee producers in the world.

From the deeper meaning behind ordering a double double to how we first got hooked on a java, Coffee Week features a fresh blend of everything you ever wanted to know about our n

NEW YORK – The world’s third-largest economy has suffered from a caricature. Yes, Japan fell from its pinnacle in the 1990s because of a property crash, enfeebled banks and a dwindling population. But that was then.

It may be surprising to many foreign companies. But, the fact of the matter is, that Japan is one of the most lucrative markets in the world. But maybe, the most difficult one as well. Let us face it.

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