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Japan is the birthplace of the functional ingredients industry, with its long tradition of enhancing food products to promote good health. This budding market continues to grow rapidly, and key players from around the world are coming to Hi Japan to witness the ongoing evolution of the functional ingredients industry.
In an ageing population, people are now giving more attention to health-related food, such as functional food and nutraceuticals. Today, 60% of the Japanese people use health supplements, with 60% of those who take them satisfied with the effectiveness.

What’s more, the new Japanese health claim regulation, “Foods with Function Claims” (FFC) started in 2015, and this is expected to have a significant economic impact on the Japanese health-related market. More than 1,200 products have been accepted for the new claims, as of April 2018. At the beginning, half of the accepted FFC were supplements, but the number of accepted processed foods with FFC, such as snacks and beverages, has been increasing, and it accounts for more than 50% now. The functional food, supplement and nutraceutical market in Japan is expected to grow even dramatically in the coming years. To develop those products, finding functional ingredients and valuable ways of the applications is a big theme in the food industry, nutraceutical industry and even pharmaceutical industry today.

Furthermore, Tokyo's hosting of the upcoming Olympic Games in 2020, partnered with government awareness programming aimed at a healthy lifestyle and extended life expectancy, has significantly boosted sports-related business in Japan. Sales of sports nutrition products to professional athletes as well individuals living an active lifestyle are growing exponentially. Indeed, until recent, sports nutrition products were only available for purchase in specialty sports nutrition outlets. With the expanded interest in recent years, these products are now carried by other retail outlets such as drug stores, supermarkets and online shops. This increase in retail space is not only an indicator of the growth in demand for these products, but also serves as an opportunity for target a wider audience. Thanks to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese sport nutrition market is expected to spur further growth over the coming years.

Hi Japan is a global business platform that offers the opportunity to drive forward product development initiatives. Attending the annual show is a “MUST” event for every manufacturer, company or brand involved in the functional and health ingredients industry. Hi Japan has been the leading industry tradeshow that consistently delivers a worldwide audience of functional and health ingredients professionals for the past 28 years. The show has continually evolved and adapted in innovative ways, to ensure it reflects the dynamics of this ever-changing global industry.

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