Tokyo Bigsight ServicesBeing the 3rd largest economy in the world, Japan has a lot to offer to overseas customers and international business partners. Japanese customers are extremely quality-conscious people. But, they also pay premium rates to their suppliers for offering the highest quality products and services.

BizMachi Co. is uniquely positioned to offer you a business matching window to this lucrative market. We connect you with potential buyers or sellers depending on your requirements. We conduct these business meetings between the two sides after conducting extensive market research and meeting with these potential business partners to understand their requirements thoroughly. We offer the following business matching services to our customers in Japan and around the world. We partner with you to help you grow your business in the Japanese market smoothly. Want to explore one of the largest markets in the world? Look no further. We are here to hook you up with potential business partners in Japan.

Business Matching Services by Biz Machi

  • Buyer meetings to explore business opportunities in Japan and around the globe

  • International Business Directory for Japanese & international businesses

  • Buyer Leads for companies looking for potential suppliers globally

  • Sellers Leads for companies looking for potential buyers in Japan & elsewhere

  • Effective web presence in Japanese market or abroad to attract potential customers

  • Document translation from Japanese to English to Japanese

  • Company registration in Japan to conduct business directly by you or your staff

  • Buyer-supplier matching system for business meetings with Japanese and foreign companies

BizMachi has a four-tiered business matching services to offer

  1. Conduct preliminary market research to size up the market for your chosen product
  2. Look for a suitable Japanese business partner for your company

If you would like to reach any of your potential business partners which is not even listed up on this B2B platform, please let us know. We will try to invite them to put their company information with all the necessary details soon. We will also help you arrange a business meeting with the potential business partners of your choice.

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