How To Get Ready For Your First Business Matching Event in Japan

As BizMachiCo. has been offering business matching services to foreign companies in Japan, we feel it is an opportune time that we discuss the necessary preparation one needs to make before coming to Japan to find potential business partners. By preparing well for the industry business matching events such as trade shows, business conferences and other networking events being held all over Japan, one can find qualified leads, build rapport with potential business partners and negotiate deals with them. In the following lines, we address the question of how to get ready for your first business matching event in Japan.

How To Get Ready For Your First Business Matching Event

While talking to new business visitors to Japan, we have often felt their expectations were not met. We can understand the reasons they have not been satisfied with their visit to the country even after meeting a large number of potential business partners in Japan.  The causes could be many. However, maybe, the most important among many others are, that these first-time business visitors to Japan do not prepare well before visiting the country.  In the following lines, we list up some of the issues they may need to address to fully reap the benefits of their visit to the country. However, before we do that, let us discuss the problems with their attitudes while they are here in Japan.

Lack of Preparation Among New Business Visitors To Japan

  • They do not know even the basic statistics about their industry in Japan. They do not know what is exactly selling in Japan, what the consumer tastes are, how people make their purchasing decisions and the like.
  • They do not study what package sizes, colors and package quality they should have to display their products to potential Japanese customers
  • They do not bring enough number of visiting cards with them
  • During a particular trade show, they prefer to remain seated in their respective booths instead of visiting other booths in the trade show venue. They do not make the necessary efforts to reach out to the fellow exhibitors from Japan and other countries. In other words, they do not try to study what other people are offering out there
  • Unlike in many other countries, one can not make direct sales in Japan during a trade show. The reason could be the unique culture of the country. Whatever the reason may be, the most benefit one can get by attending a trade show is to meet like-minded individuals among fellow exhibitors or trade show visitors.
  • They do not follow up properly
  • Most of the time, they fail to recognize B2B and B2C business events. They want to close business deals quickly. However, businesses are not conducted in Japan in this way. Japanese companies take a lot of time to make decisions.  The time could be even longer in case of a foreign business entity as they have to think about their in-house resources who could effectively communicate with foreigners on a regular basis

17 Tips To getting Ready For Business Meetings In Japan

  1. Bow properly when you meet a business person in Japan
  2. Exchange business cards while making sure that the Japanese business person can actually read your card properly
  3. Read their title aloud if the visiting card is in the language you understand. Otherwise, confirm their name and the title in the company they work for
  4. Exchange business gifts as this cultural practice help people establish and strengthen business relationships with one another
  5. You may wear a business suit or at least a business casual. No colorful shirts with large stripes on them
  6. Get a detailed understanding of what their company does
  7. Explain your product or service properly and the benefits it entails to a potential customer
  8. Try to get an overall understanding of the Japanese consumer tastes in your industry
  9. Bring enough number of visiting cards for distributing to potential business partners
  10. Set a clear goal for every business meeting with any potential customer
  11.  Ask questions about the Japanese market and the taste preferences etc.
  12.  Discuss thoroughly how they have been conducting business in the Japanese market
  13.  Listen to the questions raised by a business visitor and note them down as they may be important form their perspective
  14. Answer only if you know you have the exact answer to any question raised. Otherwise, tell them you would like to conduct research before replying them
  15. Take proper to show that you care about what they have to say to you as a business person
  16. Do not try to sell your product(s) on the spot. Take time to understand their requirements first
  17. Follow up after the first meeting. While doing so, make sure that you understand their business requirements properly before you propose any solution to their pain points


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