officeAbout BizMachi Co.

Biz Machi is a business matching platform for both Japanese and foreign companies. It seeks to assist buyers and sellers from Japan and other countries to connect with one another and start negotiating business deals to grow their respective businesses. We offer Japanese companies a launching pad to success in overseas markets.

BizMachi.com is an online tool for both Japanese and foreign companies to introduce their products and services to one another. It provides necessary information about the products you want to offer to Japanese or foreign customers. It also gives you an opportunity to list up the products and/or services you are looking for as a potential buyer.  You could connect with the potential buyers or sellers of your choice in Japan and other countries by becoming a member of the online marketing platform.

Our Mission

BizMachi was established to serve an important mission. We want to bridge the linguistic and cultural barriers between Japanese and foreign buyers and sellers so that they could do business with one another without wasting their energies on non-core issues such as Japanese language and culture. We will take care of these vital issues while you engage with your buyers and sellers in Japan and elsewhere.

BizMachi Business Matching Services

BizMachi.com provides the following services to its members.

  • Connect both buyers and sellers from Japan and other countries
  • List up business opportunities offered by national and international businesses and their potential and existing business partners in Japan and globally
  • Provide timely information about the trade shows details to be held at various venues in Japan
  • Offer advertising opportunities to exhibitors and their potential national and international business partners to improve their branding image and enhance their outreach to their potential clients and business partners


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